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Review Bombing| Kerala High Court Calls For ‘Close Watch’ Of Online Platforms Against Anonymous & Malicious Film Reviews

The Kerala High Court on Wednesday called for a ‘close watch’ on online platforms to ensure that that anonymous and mala fide reviews of films are not allowed to circulate on such platforms.

Justice Devan Ramachandran directed the concerned authorities to take necessary action under the Information Technology Act (‘IT Act’), and implement the same scrupulously, against any such anonymous, malicious activities targeting films, or any others in the business sphere, with an intent to blackmail and to extort

A close watch on the online platforms shall be maintained to ensure that anonymous, mala fide content is not allowed to circulate, and necessary action under the it act shall be the IT Act shall be taken and implemented scrupulously without any delay,” the Bench directed.

The Court issued the above direction while considering a plea filed by the director of ‘Aromalinte Adyathe Pranayam’, seeking a gag order to ensure  that social media influencers and film reviewing vloggers do not publish any reviews of the film for at least 7 days following its release, and  another by the Producers’ Association highlighting review bombings against newly released films.