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Banking & Insurence Law

We offer legal assistance for banking and insurance purpose and on all type of commercial banking transactions like negotiations, personal loans, securitisation, mortgage etc. We have an ardent team of efficient lawyers in Kochi who are capable of handling any kind of banking and insurance legal needs.
If you require any kind of legal services for meeting your banking or insurance purpose, then get the professional legal assistance of the best advocates in Ernakulam.

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We provide comprehensive legal service and advisory work on all type of commercial and banking transactions including:
  • Negotiations and documentation

  • Securitisation and Hypothecation

  • Personal Loans

  • Secured loans

  • Vehicle loans/house loans

  • Mortgage

  • Interim orders under section 9 of Arbitration and conciliation Act

  • Arbitration proceedings

  • Recovery suits under order XXXVII of CPC

  • OA before DRT

  • Matters before DRAT

  • Protection against taking possessions of the Mortgage

  • Proceedings before Recovery Officers appointed by DRT

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