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Directions Regulating fire crackers apply to all states in country not in Delhi: SUPREME COURT

The Supreme Court on Tuesday (07.11.2023) clarified that its earlier directions against the use of barium and banned chemicals in firecrackers are applicable across the country, binding all states and not just the Delhi-National Capital Region.

Supreme Court on Tuesday made it clear that the directions regulating firecrackers are not just meant for Delhi-NCR but are applicable for the entire country.

The top court had earlier given directions against the use of barium and banned chemicals in firecrackers. In 2021, the Supreme Court had passed a slew of directions to ensure that banned chemicals are not used in crackers ahead of Diwali. The Apex Court had clarified there was no blanket ban on the use of firecrackers and only those fireworks which contain barium salts are prohibited.

Hearing an application seeking directions to Rajasthan to comply with the orders regarding ban on barium crackers, Justice AS Bopanna said “these days children don’t burst crackers, it is the adults…”

Saying that no fresh directions are needed for Rajasthan, the Court directed the state to take specific note of the previous orders and reiterated that its orders are binding on all states in the country.